Revolutionizing property valuation: Luke Liplijn and Ronnie Overgoor about the Desktop Valuation of Homematrix on 7DTV

17 / 08 / 2023

In this episode of 7DTV, Luke Liplijn, founder and CEO of Matrixian Group, is a guest of Ronnie Overgoor, founder of video platform 7DTV. They discuss Homematrix's latest desktop valuation service, which automates property appraisals using data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). How does this Desktop Valuation work exactly? What are its benefits? And what does it mean for the future role of appraisers? Discover it all in the video below from 7DTV.

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Homematrix‘s Desktop Valuation uses data and AI for automated property appraisals. The appraiser now assesses the accuracy of the valuation and selects comparable properties from their desk. This automated approach, based on extensive data analysis and AI, results in precise and efficient valuations. The benefits include faster appraisals, reduced costs, and improved accessibility for consumers. The appraiser’s role is shifting towards an advisory and evaluative function, while technology optimizes the appraisal process. Find out more in the video below from 7DTV.