Appraising homes without a physical visit: Fabienne de Vries and Luke Liplijn talk about the desktop appraisal

18 / 08 / 2023

Luke Liplijn, founder and CEO of Matrixian Group, was a guest of Fabienne de Vries from GoodLIFE Radio. They discuss Homematrix's desktop valuation, in which homes are valued without a physical visit to the home being necessary. How exactly does the desktop appraisal work? And what is the role of climate change in the real estate sector? Find out in the podcast below.

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Homematrix‘s desktop valuation uses data and AI to automatically value homes. The desktop appraisal also combines the power of data and the local knowledge and skills of appraisers. The appraiser assesses the accuracy of the model value and selects the most appropriate reference homes. This results in a fast, efficient and affordable valuation report. Discover more about the desktop appraisals in the podcast below.