Matrixian Group reaches agreement with VBO on the acquisition of AvixNL

22 / 12 / 2022

Data technology company Matrixian Group and VBO, the association of brokers and appraisers, announce today that they have reached an agreement on the acquisition of their joint venture AvixNL. The provider of automated home valuations will be fully owned by Matrixian Group before the end of the year.

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AvixNL is a company that specializes in real estate data. It has a database with more than 10 million data points of homes that are used for model-based real estate valuations and online home appraisals. Matrixian Group (49% stake), VBO Makelaar (49% stake), and Hans Mersmann, Program Director at Erasmus University (2% stake) were already shareholders of AvixNL. As a result of this agreement, VBO will leave AvixNL, and Matrixian Group will become the sole shareholder and director. The transfer will be completed before December 31, 2022.


Luke Liplijn, CEO of Matrixian Group: “I am extremely happy with the acquisition of AvixNL. This is a great step in our ambition to digitize every real estate object in the Netherlands and to link all systems and data sources. In this way, our customers receive maximum assistance in finding, valuing, and analyzing real estate.


Providing reliable information services based on (open) data and the love of converting data into useful insights and tools is what has long connected Matrixian Group and AvixNL. I am pleased that we can now fully integrate our data solutions and accelerate further product development. For example, we will take the step towards desktop valuations in mid-2023 and continue to develop our home value services so that they can also be used for markets other than brokerage’’


Hans van der Ploeg, Director VBO: “Empowering professionals is what we do every day for our members, we are now doing the same for AvixNL. The past few years have been important in helping the Dutch real estate market achieve high-quality residential model values. VBO also wanted to prevent a monopoly from developing in this model-based valuation market. Now that we have come to the point where AvixNL can compete with the competition, it is time for VBO to step out and leave further development to the market.


Model valuation is of great interest, with the role of an appraiser being to test the model value for robustness, reliability, and correctness. That is the second reason that VBO has said goodbye. It would be weird if we asked our members to check a model value that we created ourselves. We wish Avix every success now and our appraisers will of course continue to critically check the reports!”

Hans Mersmann: “As a consultant, I will remain involved with the Matrixian Group and use my knowledge of the mortgage market to further develop the technology behind model-based valuations.”