Is ENTREPRENEUR Luke Liplijn (Matrixian Group) the GOOGLE of REAL ESTATE?

30 / 11 / 2022

In this episode of 7DTV, Luke Liplijn, founder and CEO of Matrixian Group, is a guest of Ronnie Overgoor, founder of video platform 7DTV. They talk about how Luke built Matrixian Group, the 50% annual growth and why he is now also active in Dubai, the hub to the Middle East.

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Luke: “As an entrepreneur, I enjoy determining the direction we are going in. Of course together with the team and everything that comes with it. That gives me energy. I also don’t mind taking risks, as long as they are controlled.”

Luke provides the real estate world with innovative data solutions and information. He built the Matrixian Group all by himself and is growing at 50% per year. He is now also active in Dubai, which he sees as the hub to the Middle East. How did he build and grow the Matrixian Group? You can see it in the video below of 7DTV.